Genevieve and Emmy have been doing science experiments with their dad, Kyle, since they were practically toddlers. Now in 5th and 3rd grade they both have a love for learning about scientists, earth and space, animals, and the world around them. During the Covid-19 Shelter-In-Place order in North Carolina, while the girls were doing distance learning and Kyle was working from home, Kyle would take his lunch break to do little science experiments with the girls. Thanks to the girls' love for podcasts like "Wow in the World," and the fact that they knew their dad had produced podcasts before, they asked if they could turn their daily science time into a podcast. And The Science Sisters was born.

The Science Sisters really is a project led and driven by Genevieve and Emmy. The sisters picked the show topics, researched and wrote the episodes, and even sketched the show art for dad to make. Kyle helps edit the episode, fact checks the research, and produces the recording. Kyle's brother Sven is a multi-instrumentalist and composer and volunteered to make the music for each show.

Genevieve and Emmy, The Science Sisters

Questions with Genevieve and Emmy:

What made you want to make a podcast?
Genevieve: I want to teach other kids how to have fun learning like we do!
Emmy: Because I love science and I'm a researcher of real books!

Why Science?
Genevieve: Because science is a fun thing for others to learn, especially when so many things are unknown.
Emmy: Because I love to research science!

What's your favorite episode idea so far?
Emmy: I love the Dry Ice Cream episode because it was so delicious.
Genevieve: I like the idea for an episode about bees so we can teach other kids not to be so scared of bees because some of them don't even want to sting you.

What's your goal for the podcast?
Genevieve: I want the podcast to be something people listen to for fun but they're also educated at the same time.
Emmy: My goal is to learn through it.

Who's your dream interview for the podcast?
Emmy: I wish I could interview Sir Isaac Newton, but I'd really like to talk to someone who worked on creating the internet.
Genevieve: Buzz Aldrin! I'd want to ask him how it felt when he got to the moon? Was he proud, excited, nervous?

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